About Us

Autograph Mania is your online portal for all the best celebrity autographs on the internet! We buy and sell famous autographs; connecting collectors from all around the world. All our photographs are sold on eBay, so there is no actual ecommerce site here. Instead, we'd like to remind you why collecting autographs is so great and why we're good at it.

It all started in 2012, when a young high school student, Bobby Joe, set up this website to offload some autographed football cards he had. The result was overwhelming and Bobby decided it'd be great to create a website like this to celebrate the collecting of autographs.

Now run independently, we have a whole team of autograph hunters who scour the world of celebrities to get you the best autographs. You'll see our contacts at awards shows, such as the oscars or the BAFTA's, when they stand waiting for a celebrity to snatch that autograph.

If you want to sell your autographs through us, please get in touch via our contact page. If you want to buy autographs, you can check our blog for regular updates on the latest autographs we have on offer

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